Hi – I’m Kate – shoestring traveler to Indonesia, Nepal, India, Tibet, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, Russia, Siberia, and more – well-trained and loyal servant to 5 whippets and 2 Dalmatians – blogger about all things travel and dogs. Join me to explore the amazing adventure that can give you location independence.

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  1. Don’t forget to make sure the regular bills that arrive for your home get paid while you are away. Either by pre-approved arrangements or prepaying them before you leave. Now with electronic banking, it is possible to look after them while on vacation.

    1. Kate says:

      Right. Doing everything online has made my life so much easier. I live in Indonesia and came here during the ancient days of travelers checks. What a pain it was to get those cashed here. You had to go to a bank and you had to have the purchase order with the checks even though I showed them the instructions that said never to carry them together. Yay for technology. Thanks.

  2. So much of those guidelines are also true if you relocate after retirement. We moved from a life in the United States to life in Puerto Vallarta, Mx. and soon learned not to eat along the beaches during the tourist season when the prices are much higher. We also buy our snacks and drinks and back-pack it when we go out for the day.
    We have found there is a special card if you are of a certain age that get’s you a 50% discount on transportation and a discount on your meds.
    Everything work fine if you have a budget and stick to it but without a budget you will over spend and regret it later.

    1. Kate says:

      So very true about the guidelines being applicable to retirees a well. Sounds like you’ve got it figured out. Thanks.

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