Have you dreamed about living an adventurous life? Is long-term travel in your future?

I once dreamed like that. I felt like a misfit in the city and country I grew up in and wished I could do something exciting like spending my life traveling.

It took me a while, but eventually, I became a tour director. I led tours all over the world for an upmarket tour operator.

You can see me in the above image when I was leading a tour in Peru and Bolivia. That photo was taken on Lake Titicaca on one of the man-made floating Uros reed islands.

Tour directing wasn’t an easy job, but I loved being on the move instead of going into an office every day. And I loved seeing so many different parts of the world.

Can I be your Fairy Blogmother to help you explore your dream to travel? Let’s work together so you can decide whether you’d like to hit the road.

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