Hi – I’m Kate – shoestring traveler to Indonesia, Nepal, India, Tibet, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, Russia, Siberia, and more – well-trained and loyal servant to 5 whippets and 2 Dalmatians – blogger about all things travel and dogs. Join me to explore the amazing adventure that can give you location independence.

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  1. Lovely article! I’m more of the traveler. I like to stay in places for longer periods. The first time I did the tourist thing was a pleasant surprise though. I didn’t have to think and plan, it was all laid out to pick and choose. Someone picked us up with a bus at the airport! LOL!! 😀

    1. Kate says:

      Thanks, Stella. Yes, there are times when I like to be the tourist and other times (more often) when I prefer to be the traveler. Both can be good – timing is everything.

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